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Hello! My name's Nick Bottini and welcome to my website. 


I'm a multi-instrumentalist, consultant and performance coach. I studied at Leeds University, the Franz Liszt Hochschule Für Musik in Weimar, and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. I have worked as a freelance musician, as well as Head of Music London schools. As a coach, consultant and public speaker I have helped musicians, international sportspeople, business people and many others. For over ten years I have worked at various levels of the music industry (from school children and adult beginners, to child prodigies, competition winners, music college students and top professionals). I help people discover their full potential by understanding the mind.

Music From the Inside Out

Peak performance, resilience, wellbeing,
artists' development coaching, speaking.

Music and creativity have always been passions of mine, but for a Iong time, although I trained and performed in some fabulous places with some wonderful people, the truth is I was struggling on the inside, like so many do. As a violinist I suffered from acute shoulder pain, but worse than that I thought that the pain meant something about me. I spent a great deal of my time second guessing myself, overthinking, procrastinating and feeling anxious or depressed rather than flourishing. The music career I once loved had become a burden and a struggle and I knew I was capable of more. As a saxophonist, I continued performing and teaching, but it wasn't until I stumbled across a simple but hidden truth about the mind that my experience started to change----I felt free again, not only psychologically and physically, but musically too. I definitely discovered something that had a profound impact on me, and as I continue to share this understanding, the more I see its transformative power for others too.



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