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I got so much out of the sessions with Nick, more than I expected. He is a revolutionary with an incredibly clear and powerful insight into how we function as human beings. I’m a much happier and sanguine musician for it.


David—London, UK



I would thoroughly recommend Nick as a coach. He is very insightful, sincere and supportive, asks great questions, whilst holding you in a safe non-judgemental space allowing you to explore and express what you are feeling in a constructive way. Leaving you feeling empowered and refreshed mentally, you may even see the world from a new perspective!


Emma—Mangawhai, New Zealand



Nick opens up realms of possibilities, whilst our immediate reaction is to see the world as we always do. Totally positive experience speaking with him, and learning more about the inside out philosophy of being. 

Suzie—London, UK


I had a coaching session with Nick while dealing with something that seemed stressful, but after just that one session I saw something new that changed my whole experience of what was going on.


Hege—Lier, Norway


Nick is a warm, engaging coach. A deep listener who, who points you towards your own thinking. Connection and space for your own fresh thinking is easy with Nick.


Leonie—Cumbria, UK.


Nick is one of those musicians, teachers and writers able to communicate not only by wise words and guidances, but also by setting an example and demonstrating how to apply what they say. His coaching is something you need if you are a performer and you have doubts about any “what, how, when and if”. His help is instant.


Leszek—London, UK



Nick is really present and had an ability to see me and hold a space for me to see myself. Together we could then explore possible solutions and ways of action. Gently and effortlessly and with a sprinkle of laughter. So, if you get a chance to spend some time with Nick, I would recommend you take it.


Marita—Kungälv, Sweden



Nick has a deep insight into the principles of clarity. More importantly, he knows how to apply clarity thinking to create real change and impact in the lives of his clients. Sessions with Nick will make you more grounded, less overwhelmed and able to take action to change your life forever.




Coach Nick is a bit unusual as when I had the coaching from him I felt that I was deeply connected as he listens from a place where there is no judgement. You feel that you are creating something new. I personally felt Peace and in that stillness you get to witness some new insights and you can take a decision yourself and he just ensures that he give a nudge at the right place and direction. It was a great experience and I would recommend it for everyone.


Ganesh—Pune, India


During only one session with Nick I have resolved what has been getting in my way massively for years. Since I spoke to Nick I’m not judging myself so much, it’s easier for me to let go of whatever happens, learn from it and go forward. I’m experiencing more peace of mind than I can remember for a long time.


Mira—Berlin, Germany



However much I “know” and understand about how our minds and our realities acutally work – I still come across “blind spots” – and that’s where coaching is so much fun – helping to experience more clarity more easily. So thanks Nick – I knew something was happening during the coaching – even though I wasn’t sure what it was in the moment -  I just knew I was experiencing some great feelings. Afterwards I found it so much easier to get on with writing and creating in so many ways – when previously I seemed to have been struggling. I have no idea what changed or how – but I don’t need to – I love the way this works!


Anne—Jersey, Channel Islands.



Nick listened to me download the twists and turns of my thinking and I pretty much said “pick the bones out of that!”. Instead of trying to do that, or get me to focus on one goal for the session he listened and listened. He gently commented on there being a lot of thought around this and asked where I thought it came from. Sounds like a simple question but it reached through the noise of my mind and I could feel the tension melt away. I felt safe, connected, understood and able to open up to my own insights in ways I couldn’t do on my own.


Lucy—Norwich, UK


Nick is an experienced coach with a natural and relaxed approach. I found my session with Nick very calming, but also very useful by helping me see things more clearly. I came awar feeling reassured and relieved, with some clear actions to take. I’d highly recommend Nick.





Nick is one of those guys who really listens. In conversations he makes you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. His dedication and presence is first rate. He gives you the feeling like anything is possible.


Leonard—Ontario, Canada

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