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Reality Check

You only ever live in the present.

The 'now' is all there actually is.

Thoughts, feelings, and perceptions seem so real to us and they carry us away into a make-believe land called the future, or the past, yet all the while, the fact is that this divine dream of consciousness is happening now. Yes - NOW.

Whether we are tuned in to this fact or not, the now is quite literally all there is.

You can't 'get present' by a technique. Because you are a natural inhabitant of the now. You were born here. You'll die here. You've never not been in the now. You've certainly thought that you have left it. That's the power and the value of Thought. It's only when other thoughts float away that the truth of the present moment is uncovered again.

This spiritual energy of Thought, that which creates our entire reality, has the ability to take us on a rollercoaster ride and that ride is something divine. But - when the mind settles, we wake up where we began. Spiritually complete, at one, whole, resilient, open-minded, loving, honest, authentic, free and made of pure potential. That's the character of the now.

It's not a matter of applying a 'get present' technique, it's ultimately a case of understanding that sometimes we think we're not present, even though we are. Understanding is key.

Sometimes we sense that we are stuck up in our head and we naturally find ourselves doing things that change that. If it makes sense to notice your breathing sometimes - do that. If it makes sense to sit silently sometimes - do it. If it makes sense to keep working without a break - do it. If it makes sense to break from routine - do that. If it makes sense to say no - say no. If it simply makes sense to remember to mentally let go - then do that.

Obviously it would be a mistake to make the living, spontaneous actions of the present moment into a technique applied indiscriminately. That's the illusion of 'the past', or 'the future' trying to seduce you.

The real you, on the other hand, is always free to do what the now suggests.

Remember - there is literally no past happening now. There is literally no future happening now.

The now is fresh. The now is living. The now is true.

The now is the wisest teacher. There is an unfaltering optimism about the now, because the now sees all the options. There is also a brutal honesty about the now that brings you back down to earth when the ego gets the better of you.

Been tough on yourself recently? The now greets you with kindness.

Been lost in a cloud of thoughts? The now is where all that clears.

Been stuck in a rut and settling for second best? The now knows the new course of action.

'Look within'...

The age old advice is that the answers lie within.

Been wondering what to 'look within' means?

Get to know the now.

Look within the now.

Reality check.

Get quiet.



Get Involved

I'm going to need your help for the launch of my new book, 'Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence'. The launch is happening in May and I will be announcing the launch date shortly. Book sales will be used as vehicle to raise funds for Help Musicians UK's mental health campaign , Music Minds Matter.

I will be aiming for a number one best seller on Amazon, so I will need the help and assistance of a great many people and organisations to make that a reality. If you have an idea or would like to help in some way please do get in touch. A number one bestseller will make sharing a message of wellbeing easier and will make it simpler to impact the lives of musicians and other people who are striving for excellence or even just after some peace of mind.

There are several ways you can get involved in the growing community of flourishing, happy, healthy musicians and performers who are awake to the future of performance psychology.

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