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Blame It On The Boogie

The simple truth is that you just feel however you feel in any given moment, independently of external circumstances, or 'reasons' because feelings spring forth from within.

Don’t blame it on the ‘out there’.

Don’t blame it on your ‘ego’.

Don’t blame it on the people.

Blame it on the ‘Boogie’.

Don’t blame thoughts on the situation.

Don’t blame feelings on the body.

Don’t blame perceptions on the bank balance.

Blame it on the ‘Boogie’..

“What is the Boogie?” I hear you ask?

The Boogie (for the purposes of this post at least) is my silly Nick name for the spiritual energy of Thought.

Thought, AKA the ‘Boogie’, is the dance of life that bubbles up within you and fuels your thoughts feelings and perceptions. Good bad and indifferent. All of them, all of the time.

But, ‘I just can’t...I just can’t...I just control the thoughts’

Well - it’s not your job to control thoughts. Or the feelings. And they aren't yours anyway. The ‘Boogie’ makes them.

That’s how it has always worked.

Blame it on the ‘Boogie’.


Get Involved

I'm about to start a Kickstarter campaign to gain momentum ahead of the book launch - so watch out for more news coming soon!

I'm going to need your help for the launch of my new book, 'Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence'. The launch is happening in May and I will be announcing the launch date shortly. Book sales will be used as vehicle to raise funds for Help Musicians UK's mental health campaign , Music Minds Matter.

I will be aiming for a number one best seller on Amazon, so I will need the help and assistance of a great many people and organisations to make that a reality. If you have an idea or would like to help in some way please do get in touch. A number one bestseller will make sharing a message of wellbeing easier and will make it simpler to impact the lives of musicians and other people who are striving for excellence or even just after some peace of mind.

There are several ways you can get involved in the growing community of flourishing, happy, healthy musicians and performers who are awake to the future of performance psychology.

  • If you haven't done so yet, do ask to join the Peak Performance for Musicians Facebook Group - there you'll find free webinars, interviews, Facebook lives and a chance to ask questions and get support and to network with professional and amateur musicians.

  • Check out the videos on the Nick Bottini Youtube channel.

  • Get my Five Essential Tips For Any Musician ebook or share the link with a friend or colleague.

  • Get in touch about me working with you one-to-one, or with your organisation or ensemble.

  • Join my book launch team to help me make 'Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence' become a bestseller when in launches in May.

  • If you know anyone who would like to receive updates about the book, know any famous musicians who would like to perform at the launch party or know anyone who would be willing to get behind the book launch then please do get in touch with me.

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